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August 28, 2016 identityup

4 Essential Social Media Qualities For Your Business

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1. Post Post Post

You’ve probably heard the expression, “consistency is key”. This is certainly true when it comes to social media. Like it or not when it comes to social media you are only as relevant as your most recent post. Posting consistently is of the utmost importance for your business’s social media. We recommend at least one post per day. Of course life gets in the way and sometimes we are just too busy to make that benchmark a reality. But miss more then 3 days and you enter dangerous social media territory. Suddenly there are cobwebs in your feed and nobody likes cobwebs except 16th century witches and people running Halloween attractions. Social media is kind of like dog years. One week without posting is equivalent to something like 7 years. Sure I’m joking, but not really. Social media moves so fast nowadays and feeds are flying by at the blink of an eye. In order to maintain an actively engaged core group of followers you need to give them fresh new content to latch onto. There is a reason that Nike spends billions of dollars on advertising. People forget…and in this day and age they are forgetting faster than ever. Remind them why your social media page and your business for that matter is still relevant to them. Strive to hit that, “one-a-day keeps the cobwebs away” benchmark. It doesn’t take too long to do. It’s a discipline and a practice like any other. The more you do it the less you think about it and the easier it becomes. Post Post Post!

2. Monitor Your Engagements

Assuming that you are following rule number one. The next piece of advice is to measure and monitor your social media engagements. If you are using Instagram for business then you will have a variety of analytics to choose from in order to see how your posts are performing. If you are not using Instagram for business or you are on Facebook or Twitter etc. There are a number of free third-party apps that will show you in great detail how your social media accounts are performing. Union Metrics offers a free 7 day twitter report, as well as, a free 30 day instagram check-up. They tell you the best time of day to post to your account, what your top hash tags are and what are your most/least engaging posts. Iconosquare is another great tool for Instagram. Figuring out the best time of day to post to your social media accounts can mean the difference between getting 100 likes on a photo or 500 likes. If your follower base is not online then they can’t see your posts in their feed. Paying attention to the key metrics in your social media accounts is a crucial component for growth and success.

3. Be Attentive

One of the main attractions for business’s who use social media is the ability to get real time feedback and interaction with their audience. If you are not paying attention to the comments or direct messages you receive on your business’s social media accounts then you are not taking full advantage. In fact, you might even be damaging your companies reputation unknowingly. Address that negative comment. Compliment someone who gives you praise. Thank them for taking notice. People want to be recognized and social media is a great way to show adoration for your customers and to show that quality control/addressing complaints is something you take seriously. Many business’s want to shy away from or delete negative comments. But these can be opportunities to look for improvement and gain customer appreciation. You can also use social media as a way to give exclusive offers or discounts. If you are attentive to your audience on social media than rewarding them for being attentive back can be a very effective strategy.

4. Create Relevant Content 

The expression, “content is the fire and social is the gasoline” is one that we use a lot here at identityUP. Of course boosting social media followers and increasing engagements is precisely what we specialize in. There are other ways to go about doing it on your own. Content is a very important component to all social media, but especially for business. Our last blog post, “The Power of Content on Instagram” is a great starting point. And while it was specifically written for Instagram, many of the key take-aways apply to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and all other forms of social media as well. Maintaining a level of content that your specific audience resonates with is extremely important. It all ties back in with numbers 1 and 2. Monitoring your engagements (2) will give you an indication as to what types of posts get you the highest level of engagements. While consistently posting (1) keeps your audience paying attention. The content is what will either turn off your social media followers or keep them coming back time and time again. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments to your content to see what works and what doesn’t. The trick is to stay consistent with the type of content you post once you figure out what works. Discard that which doesn’t and continue on. It’s a rinse and repeat process. Once you find the content that works right for your business stay the course and good things will happen for your businesses social media accounts!

Written by: Hunter Gebron

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